Thursday, 10 May 2012

2012 season underway at last

Widgeon and Cherub have started the season with two outings in the past week. The first was to escort the wherry yacht White Moth to Whitlingham for the Broads Outdoor Festival. This should have been followed by a picnic outdoors, but the two crews of Peter, Sarah, Frances and Jeremy and Adrian, Lynne, Robin and Rosemary were driven indoors by the cold. (wind chill +3 C).

Four days later the evening visit to Wroxham Broad was postponed because of bad weather. The following day, with the temperature just above 20 C Cherub and Widgeon took to the water again during a ferocious sqall. Peter, Sarah and Robin G in Widgeon and Adrian, Robin F and Ian in Cherub rowed across the broad trying to avoid a racing fleet of 420s. Once onto the River Bure rowing was more comfortable in the lee of the trees, which line the banks. At this moment the rain started, which stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon. A brew up at Salhouse Broad, thanks to Robin's pine cone fired kettle, gave us the energy for the return. We retrieved the boats at the public slipway without mishap.
Not a major expedition perhaps, but enjoyed by all.
Next outing will be on June 14th when we explore Norwich by water. see for details.

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