Sunday, 19 August 2012

Broads slipways list

A picture is worth a thousand words according to the old saying. A few days ago we went to launch Cherub at a slipway in Repps, near Potter Heigham. One look told us that it was impossible, so with this event fresh in my mind I have started to compile a list of launching places suitable for skiffs. Each entry has a brief note and a big picture. The list is arranged river by river. I've only just started, but visit to see for yourselves.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Explore the Broads. Barton Broad

The August meeting was held at Barton Turf. This time eight members and three skiffs took to the water at Cox's Boat Yard.
The weather was glorious with the gentlest of breezes. On Barton Broad some cruising yachts were being quanted with long poles. What a joy to know that there are still a few of us left who shun the internal combustion engine; well on the water anyway.
An anticlockwise circuit of the broad was sufficient for the evening, so, with the boats back on their trailers, five members visited the Wayford Bridge Inn for food, drink and wide ranging discussion.