Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hickling Village Regatta 13th August 2011

It all depends on De Graaff Trailers whether Jo Jo (Thames skiff) will make it to the Hickling Village Regatta. Delays in production have caused the original completion date to be postponed, but I hope that the new trailer will be ready in time.

The Hickling Village Regatta is a low key fun weekend of boating and camping on Hickling Broad in Norfolk. It sounds ideal for the modest ambitions of the Norfolk Skiff Club members, who will be there to enjoy the fun and to explore the broads and rivers.

The organiser of the regatta is Ross ( tel 01692 598135

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Another skiff, another picnic

Jo Jo the 26 foot Messum and Sons skiff has appeared on the River Yare for the first time. This brings the total number of skiffs belonging to Norfolk Skiff Club members to three!