Friday, 31 October 2014

Carrow Cup 6th December 2014

It's that time of year again and rowers thoughts turn to the Carrow Cup, the annual rowing race, which starts in the centre of Norwich within sight of the cathedral. Once again Norwich Rowing Club has invited "traditional" boats to take part and their crews will be racing for the Bi-Centinary Silver Bowl, which was given last year by The Norwich Society and River Wensum Partnership.

Lower Thames Rowing Club, last year's winners, will be bringing 6 boats to compete with the St Ayles Skiffs of CRA Blakeney, skiffs from Norfolk Skiff Club, Solent Galley from Langstone Cutters RC, Norfolk based Cornish pilot gigs and a variety of other boats from far and near.

The race starts at Pull's Ferry near Bishop Bridge in the centre of Norwich and follows the course of the river Wensum to finish at Whitlingham, a distance of 2700 metres.

A unique handicap system allows different types of boat and both men's and women's crews to race against each other. The race is run as a time trial, with the slowest boats starting first. All being well the slower boats will be clear of the narrow part of the river before being overtaken. No overtaking is allowed in the first 1000 metres.

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