Thursday, 15 December 2016

Carrow Cup 2016 Results

Here is the result of the 2016 Carrow Cup Traditional Boat Race for the Bicentenary Trophy.

Traditional boats muster for the 2016 Carrow Cup

No. Club Boat type Boat name rowers Elapsed time Corrected time
233 Peck Lower Thames RC Lara skiff Hornet 3 00:22:19 00:18:22
235 Dunmow Lower Thames RC Celtic Longboat Victory 4 00:21:47 00:18:22
232 Large Lower Thames RC Lara skiff Leigh Ho 3 00:22:29 00:18:30
240 Southend CRC Loddon Skiff Silverback 2 00:21:51 00:19:41
238 Riddle Lower Thames RC Hanningfield Gig (Spirit) Dunkirk 4 00:23:03 00:20:05
231 Combe CRABlakeney St Ayles skiff Hoi Larntan 4 00:24:39 00:20:14
239 Nawrat Lower Thames RC Hanningfield Gig (Spirit) Proud Mary 4 00:23:21 00:20:20
241 Southend CRC Seax gig Rozinante 4 00:24:02 00:20:24
236 Hodge Norfolk Skiff Club Eton 2X+ Seraph 2 00:24:08 00:20:39
237 Forrest CRABlakeney St Ayles skiff Bluejacket 4 00:24:35 00:21:14
234 King's Lynn CRC St Ayles skiff Ouse Rewet 4 00:26:00 00:21:54
230 Harris Norfolk Skiff Club Faering Raineach 2 00:29:56 00:22:29
243 Meakin Norwich RC 2X+ 2 00:19:38 00:18:33
244 Livesey Broadland BC 2X+ 2 00:30:52 00:32:25
242 Frost Mersea CRC Hanningfield skiff 2         DNS

Once again Lower Thames Rowing Club swept the board taking the first three places in the sixth year  in modern times that "traditional"boats have taken part in this historic event. The traditional course follows the rivers Wensum and Yare through the centre of Norwich, finishing at Thorpe St Andrew. Jonathan Hooton, chairman of The Norwich Society, presented the impressive silver bowl, which had first been given by the society in 2013 to mark the bicentenary of the Carrow Cup Race.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Carrow Cup

Christmas - Bah Humbug!

The Carrow Cup Race, now in its 203rd year, will be held on the River Wensum in Norwich on 10th December 2016. For the 6th year Norwich Rowing Club has invited traditional rowers to bring their skiffs, galleys and gigs to the event. The traditional boats will muster at Pull's Ferry, in the shadow of Norwich Cathedral, at 11.30 a.m.

 Entries to:- Harry Scott, C/O Carrow Cup Entries, Ravensmere House, Ravensmere, Beccles NR34 9DZ or by phone 01502 713589 email: 
Entries Close 6pm Saturday 3rd December 2016 
Cost £11 a seat if paid before race day and £12 on the day 
Cheques payable to Norwich Rowing Club 

Lower Thames Rowing Club will be bringing 5 boats to defend their successes in 2014 and 2015, and  the Norfolk clubs will be there to give them a run for their money. Both King's Lynn and Blakeney will be sending St Ayles Skiffs and The Norfolk Skiff Club will field a skiff and a Norwegian Faering.

There's still time to register and I hope that the other clubs from this region and elsewhere will make the journey to Norwich for this traditional start (if you are a rower!) to the Christmas season. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Norfolk Skiff Club Summer Picnic

 At long last summer arrived and Norfolk rowers and scullers gathered at Barton Turf for a relaxing day on the water.

The Rewet crew from King's Lynn made the cross county journey for an opportunity to sample the pleasures of The Broads and they were joined by scullers from Norfolk Skiff Club and CRA Blakeney.

After a picnic at tranquil Gay's Staith, the flotilla landed at the Norfolk Punt Club raft for tea and cake.

In truth little was achieved, but everyone appeared to have enjoyed themselves and finished the day with promises to return next year.

Our thanks are due to Simon and Sheila of Barton Turf Adventure Centre without whose hospitality the day would not have taken place.