Friday, 6 April 2012

Norfolk Skiff Club Summer Programme

The varnish brushes have been cleaned and put away, the 2012 river toll has been paid and a long hot summer is in prospect. What, you will be asking, is on the Norfolk Skiff Club list of events?
No doubt you have lots of plans for enjoying the summer on the water, but I hope you will find the time to join in some, or all, of the NSK events.
For the full programme see the EVENTS section at

There's a monthly evening meeting called Explore the Broads, which will be held on the second Wednesday of each month (except June) at different locations. The first meeting is at 6p.m. at Rockland, for an exploration of Rockland Broad and the river Yare. Future meetings will be held at Wroxham, Horning, Barton Turf and Trowse. Bring a boat if you can, but seats may be available for the boatless.

There will be several events occurring on the Thames, which may be of interest, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant and the Great River Race. Nearer home we have been invited to accompany the wherry White Moth as she sails to Whitlingham to open the Broads Outdoor Festival on 5th May and to visit the national rally of the Vintage Wooden Boat Association at Beccles on 18th August.
So visit The Norfolk Skiff Club website and RSVP to any event which interest you.

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