Monday, 7 December 2015

Carrow Cup 2015

Unseasonably warm weather, but The Carrow Cup is here again. This year on 12th December. For the fifth year Norwich Rowing Club has invited traditional boats to the event and the traditional rowers now have their own division. The first boat will start from Pull's Ferry at 11.30, with the next boat 20 seconds later. The slower boats start first, so if the handicapper has done his sums right, all boats should converge as they approach the finishing line at Whitlingham.

Lower Thames Rowing Club will be attending in force in the hope of retaining the Carrow Cup Bi-centenary trophy, but there will be competition from an expanding fleet of St Ayles Skiffs from Blakeney and King's Lynn, together with local skiffs from Norfolk Skiff Club.

Follow the link for the provisional starting order:

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